Alphai is proud to introduce iSolvency Tool that has been developed in accordance with the requirements of regulatory Framework for Solvency Margin on Risk Based Capital approach issued by the CMA for the Insurance & Takaful Companies in the Sultanate of Oman. 

Platform User

Insurance Companies, Takaful Companies and Regulator



Overview Project

Our Alpha iSolvency Tool shall provide you the following features:

Separate Report for Risk Computation for General, Medical and Life including:

  • Concentration Risk
  • Credit Risk
  • Market Risk
  • Operations Risk
  • Insurance liability Risk (for General and Medical separately)
  • Premium Liability Risk
  • Claim Liability Risk
  • Insurance Liability Risk (Life)
  • Actuarial (Mathematical) Liability Risk
  • Sum Assured Risk
  • Catastrophic Risk

In order to serve the Insurance / Takaful sector, our iSolvency Tool will automate all the computation of the Solvency and with just one-click user can generate the Solvency Statements for different types of Business Activities separately such as General, Medical and Life.


This tool will also enable users to track solvency positions on a Quarterly basis to support the Management in getting ready for the Year End surprises or to align the assets and liabilities position or intern fund transactions to get prepared in advance for better Solvency Margin Management.

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